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The DASCorps Survival Guide: Event Planning


At some point during your VISTA year your agency might need to announce itself to new consumers, engage with the community, or attract/retain funders. All of these actions and more might require an event. And you might be called upon to head up such an event. You will need to use event planning techniques for such an occasion.

What is Event Planning?

Event Planning


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Month 1


Still loving the job. Zumix is closed this week to students (we're in between "semesters" right now, classes start up again on Sept. 14th) so it's eerily quiet in here. I can only hear one guitar right now as opposed to a rock band practicing, a drum lesson, radio show, and general chaos that comes along with working with high schoolers.

Month 7: Inauguration Video Diary & IMC FILM FEST 2009


Jan-Feb began a two month period in which both Nicole and I barely took a day off - no exaggeration.

Event Planning/Management


Admit One: Online Event Registration Tools & Tips
Best practices for managing ticketing and registration online (see attached presentation)

Event Management Tools
(see attached presentation)