BONUS Field Report: How to Stay Financially Stress-free On a VISTA Budget


Comment from Morgan Sully on March 13, 2008 - 3:10pm

For more tips on budgeting and living on a VISTA Stipend, check out Danielle Martin's excellent post here:

Surving on a VISTA Budget:

You'll also find the PDF of the post below it to download.

10 Tactics for Growing Your Community Online


Last week I attended an NTEN Member Appreciation Webinar entitled: 10 Tactics for Growing Your Community Online. As NAMAC's Online Community Manager, I found this webinar very helpful, engaging and well worth my time.

Field Report #8: A Leader's Visit to the Oakland Technology Exchange


3 Generations of VISTA



The NAMAC conference was an experience. It was great to reconnect with CTC VISTA Project peeps, learn about new media arts happenings and experience a great new city. It is hard to say how the conference was overall. Each panel was completely different from the next, and hardly seemed related to the previous one.

Comment from Kevin Palmer on November 27, 2007 - 12:48pm

Hey Sarah,

Too bad they're not keeping you bust at GRCMC! That entire van production process was exhausting just to read but sounds awesome. Any chance you've taped the whole process?

In terms of real world skills, knowing how to get a club license may be the coolest skill learned by a VISTA so far this year.

NAMAC was great...started missing Austin the second I hopped on the plane back.

MuniWireless and Community Wireless


In late October, I flew out to San Jose to attend the MuniWireless '07 Silicon Valley conference. As a VISTA I run a project that provides free wireless Internet access to low-income residents of subsidized housing in Boston's South End neighborhood.

Comment from Morgan Sully on November 7, 2007 - 10:20pm

Hey Gabriel,
Morgan here from NAMAC. this is a great write up of your experiences at the MuniWireless conference. Do you have any pictures to accompany your post? are there any links to some of the reports you mention?

When I was a VISTA the San Diego community technology coalition, I compiled some reports on the digital divide and municipal broadband.

You can view the reports here:

In the meantime, would you be interested in submitting your field report to either NAMAC or the next VISTA newsletter (or both)?

I think some accompanying pictures could be helpful for illustrating a bit of what you're talking about too.

Comment from Gabriel Fishman on November 7, 2007 - 11:07pm

Thanks for the compliment.

I'd be happy to submit it to either NAMAC or CTC VISTA, or both, whichever you think is appropriate. I didn't take any photos at the conference, but I'm sure that I can find appropriate pictures or graphics to illustrate. I didn't really know how to footnote the blog post, so I didn't bother, but I can definitely do that for publication.

Just let me know what the process and the deadline is.

Morgan’s Manual Round-up: Resources for VISTAs Who Hate Writing Manuals


Morgan was a CTC VISTA Leader in 2007 (before we changed our name to the Digital Arts Service Corps) and while this round-up is a little dated it still contains some valuable resources.

Greeting VISTAs,

Writing a Federal Grant: What to Expect


WARNING! Federal grant applications are, by far, the most difficult and the most competitive type of proposal to write, even for veteran grant writers. They require more than 100 hours of work reading/understanding application requirements, researching and writing.

A Digital Arts Resource Handout


Lauren Bratslavsky developed this one-page handout (attached below) detailing resources for video editing, computer skills training, free media, digital photography and more.

Resources for Good Site Aesthetics and Techniques


here are two link to fun web development stuff to look at, learn from and implement - updated daily (at least).

The most popular web development bookmarks on

My favorite bookmarks on my account:

Site Planning: Tips and Resources for Planning Your Site


I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of PLANNING OUT YOUR WEBSITE. Before you can even start thinking about what the colors will be, you need to have a few things in place. 3 i can readily think of are: