VISTA Recruitment Resources

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Very Own Digital Arts Service Corps member
In no particular order...

1. Post with local university/college career centers - easy!
Most universities and colleges have career centers on campus that their graduating students and alumni can visit to learn of career opportunities and options. Some career centers have online job search systems, some send out emails with current job opportunities, some simply have a notebook with open jobs throughout the area.

2. Idealist - Make it easy for them to find you!
Idealist is a well-known website that is often used to find volunteer opportunities and jobs with nonprofits and philanthropic companies. Posting a job is $50, but posting a volunteer opportunity is FREE!! Make sure you classify your posting as such.

3. Craigslist - More than a place to pawn off your stuff!
Craigslist can help you target your local community job-seekers. Just go to , and click on your area's link. You can post your opportunity through the Craigslist job postings. Some area's sites charge $25.00. You can also post through the Community -> Volunteer section, but you probably will not get as many views.

4. Other community centers - You'll find the volunteer-minded!
Post your job description, posters, or leave pamphlets at community centers throughout your area. A good place to start is large centers like the YMCA/YWCA - there is a lot of traffic through these types of community centers and chances are your ad will be seen by just the right person.

5. Recruit from within - Rewards for work they're already doing!
Are you fortunate enough to have that golden volunteer? A great way to get a great full-time person is to offer the VISTA position to someone who has already helped you in the past. Not only do they get a little return for work they obviously love to do, you get someone who already is trained.