"If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail"


Great News just came our way, here at Quote...Unquote, Inc!

A major part of what I have been doing, and continue to do is raise community awareness around who we are as an organization, what we do and how other organizations can partner with QUQ to further enhance community alliance & promote their own organizational mission to the greater community.

Well, a recent endeavor I was working on for many months, along with another QUQ staffer, was to further strengthen and legitimize our newest arts, events & culture channel, Encantada TV, in the growing NM filmmaker community. An outreach effort that took persistence & following up on was with the NM Film Office. Seeing the NM Film Industry has been in a blossoming period, we figured what better way to get the word out about Encantada TV, to gain viewership and local film submissions was to partner with the NM Film Office.

Check out the update/news here on our Facebook page:

I am proud to say our partnership is starting off in the right direction here. Beginning on June 11th until August 29th, we will begin a summer series on Encantada TV titled "NM Filmmaker Showcase Summer Series." This is a great step in the right direction, ideally building greater alliance amongst the film & media making communities here in NM.

I figured I would spread the love and great news with everyone. This took several months, so the moral is to never give up (i know, how cliche) and persistence really does pay off!

Erica Jones