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"If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail"


Great News just came our way, here at Quote...Unquote, Inc!

A major part of what I have been doing, and continue to do is raise community awareness around who we are as an organization, what we do and how other organizations can partner with QUQ to further enhance community alliance & promote their own organizational mission to the greater community.

"Freedom of Speech is Having a TV Show"


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and may the warmer weather be treating you kindly and hopefully not causing your body to react to unfortunate world of allergens or even to the adjustment to the change in weather. My allergies are sucking bad right now, especially considering I do not even know what is causing this discomfort out here in the South West! GO NETI POT!

School outreaches


This is the first week in many months that I do not have any outreaches. I had two of them to focus on for the past several months. One was from a high school and the other was an after school program.

The high school group was a bit difficult. Most the kids were there by default, since the options they wanted were already full. But it ended up ok. I will say I tried to use a curriculum and that miserably failed. It partly happened that way since half the kids were already familiar with video production and some imovie (though they failed to tell me that during our first day, no wonder why they were not paying attention). It also may have happened because another portion of the group was completely uninterested in learning. Some of these kids have issues with instant gratification. They want results now. There was little interest in planning. And then when it came time to shoot, there was no planning to fall back on. I also hate to say this, but it was kinda a rotten group of kids. A couple of loud mouths and show offs detract from the rest of the group and impede on learning. But I guess that's a common complaint. One of the students even voiced her distaste for the class and completely disrespected the teacher. She called the teacher lazy and annoying and all these things right to her face. Maybe kids these days have little respect and little patience.

Online Outreach Resources


What are some lessons learned through your year of VISTA around designing an outreach strategy (using media and technology of course) for your organizations?

Here's some resources from other organizations:



Digest and outreach


Hey everyone, here's a quick update on some things at UMass.

With the Digest deadline quickly approaching, Danielle and I are working to get articles, bios, images, and video up in Drupal. If you wrote an article and have a photo that’s relevant, it would be great if you could send it to me or let me know where I can find it. It will be interesting to see how the Journal works as a finished product in the context of our new site. The Digest has been great because it’s allowed me to see a little more of Drupal and also created an appeal for web based documents and spreadsheets, neither of which I’d given any prior thought. I’ve been using Google’s versions and for my purposes they’ve been just as functional and easy to navigate as Excel or Word.