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Some Examples of Digital Media Curricula Created by VISTAs


Here's some curricula and/or handouts created by VISTAs:

  • Shot Composition Packet (Media Bridges - Lauren)
  • MOSAIC, Digital video bootcamp (english high school) (HOME Inc - Kevin/AJ)
  • Digital Photography Course Packet (Media Bridges - Lauren Bratslavsky)
  • Media Literacy (Project Think Different - Colleen)
  • Basic Computer Skills (Shaneka)
  • PhotoBooth (Media Bridges - Lauren)
  • Digital Storytelling (Center for Digital Storytelling - Jessica)
  • ?? (Computers 4 Kids - Ray)
  • Video (Reelworks - Will)
  • After school Curriculum with a Radio Station (Lashanda)
  • Creating a Youth Online Radio Station (Pink House - Renae)
  • tips/forms for student project management

Also, here's some curricula used/recommended by VISTAs from other sources:

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