Outreach and Collaborate!


What to do when you have a no show for an event?

Comment from Elizabeth Goussetis on March 2, 2009 - 1:01pm

Hi Janet! I hear ya on the dilemma of potential collaborations with youth organizations (especially when the timeline is longer than your time as a VISTA.) At Media Bridges we've talked about having some sort of process for partnerships with youth organizations, but it seems like each case is different in terms of what the organization needs from us and what they bring to the table. You don't want to turn anyone away, but you can only do so much. At first I tried to do everything myself in working with the organizations that I connected with, but now I've found it much more effective to funnel them to the resources and staff that can help them directly, rather than try to be the middleman. Have you had success with any particular type of project?

Comment from Janet Vo on March 9, 2009 - 1:35pm

Hi Elizabeth! I have not had much great success in collaborating with any groups. It seems like after the initial meeting the potential collaborations fizzles. I am in a Youth workers network for Asian American organizations though but we are still in the early phases of figuring out what kind of resources we would like to offer each other. I think they have the potential for being helpful, but its seems that I am on my own. However, I keep on going through this process because maybe a good relationship will build.

Sensory Overload


This morning I walked into the gallery and saw the new exhibition for the first time. It's called The Space Between The Pit and The Peak, Incarnate Two. It was put together by Lillian Harden and curated by our own Setheyny Pen, and it's simply.... well... fabulous...

Comment from Denise Cheng on February 20, 2009 - 4:36pm

everytime i navigate to the ctc vista field reports, i am overloaded as well by the image you put up. :) i totally want to go to namac's conference, too! fingers crossed...

Comment from Davina Fournier on February 25, 2009 - 5:33pm

sounds like life is good :-)

i'd love to see what you came up with as far as marketing. that's a lot of what i do too and it's always great to hear new ideas.

also, can i just say i'm jealous you'll be in a warm place? i don't like this cold...

TV shows and Websites


I'm more or less continuing work on some of the same projects described in my last report. At Brighton High School we are finishing up post-production of the first episode of BHTV, which the TV production class has worked all semester to produce.

Portland Speaks: The genesis of the idea


website_home pageFrom July onward, I've spent much of my time at Portland Community Media working on a proposal for a project that would allow immigrants and Millennials to create media at low-cost anywhere and at anyti

Comment from Denise Cheng on November 3, 2008 - 6:50pm

I do want to say that I feel fairly disillusioned after the whole process. You know how they always warn that when the real world hits people lose their idealism? I'd put a twist on that and say I feel disillusioned because of how important credentials are to have creative oversight (the higher you climb, the more you can get) and how, even if you work to deserve a break, there's still that variable of unfairness as the real world standard. A vague comment, but there it is. As my friend put it, we have to make that choice between selfishness and selflessness, each with its own consequences.

A bit of crossposting on digital storytelling


Thought I'd share a more appropriate post that I wrote for the PCM blog a couple of days ago. This is probably what I should be submitting for my field reports...


Digital storytelling: The wonders never cease

10 Oct. 2008

Breaking the Surface




Arrive in Boston, June 19th, first trip to the city. Looking forward to working with CTC and Head on Fire, San Diego. Orientation is great so far, alot of good useful information. Just miss my baby.

Danielle on TV! on CCTV's Critical Focus


Critical Focus logoCheck out my appearance on a panel about changing the media on Cambridge's cable access station, CCTV Critical Focus

WAM! It's more than just's women media


Alana, PTD Media Watch Team member (close)I'm here at MIT (my fall place of graduate Urban Planning studies, btw) at the 2007 Women Action and Media (WAM!) conference this weekend, a yearly conference that combines a bunch of topics that interest me - media, activism, social justice, and women's issues. I read BITCHfest for my book club recently (selections from BITCH magazine), and it got me more interested in feminist media related issues, especially in that the techniques and lessons learned by feminist activists around framing in the media relates to many other issues (such as poverty, network neutrality, and more).

Some Examples of Digital Media Curricula Created by VISTAs


Here's some curricula and/or handouts created by VISTAs:

  • Shot Composition Packet (Media Bridges - Lauren)
  • MOSAIC, Digital video bootcamp (english high school) (HOME Inc - Kevin/AJ)
  • Digital Photography Course Packet (Media Bridges - Lauren Bratslavsky)
  • Media Literacy (Project Think Different - Colleen)
  • Basic Computer Skills (Shaneka)
  • PhotoBooth (Media Bridges - Lauren)
  • Digital Storytelling (Center for Digital Storytelling - Jessica)
  • ?? (Computers 4 Kids - Ray)
  • Video (Reelworks - Will)
  • After school Curriculum with a Radio Station (Lashanda)
  • Creating a Youth Online Radio Station (Pink House - Renae)
  • tips/forms for student project management

Also, here's some curricula used/recommended by VISTAs from other sources:

Need basic curricula templates/guides?