CUWiN-Ware Configuration Webapp


I recently started on a new project to improve the ease of use of the CUWiN network system.  The project is a web application (PHP based) to allow communities and other collaborative entities to create and manage custom firmware images for their wireless nodes.  The first is finished but not live.  It addresses the issue of needed secure passwords node shell users (those with access to the actually OS prompt, i.e.

Community Wireless Maps


One of my more recent projects has been re-working the network map for the local community wireless network. My efforts thus far can be found at Credit for the CSS and the text accompanying the map goes to Ross. This is just the first part. The next stage is to add an admin/management interface.

The map is powered by PHP and the Google Maps API (which uses javascript). The Google Maps API is incredibly easy to use and has lots of features.

Tools of my trade


At present my work is focused mainly on a small software development project for which I write code in php.  I have to write code to interact with a database and generate forms and reports.

  Among the tools I am using for this project, Pear::DB and Smarty are more significant. PEAR is allowing me to write code which is database neutral. That is I do not have to write database functions addressed to a specific database. I need to do it only once in a single statement when I connect to a database of my choice. This is a cool concept that allows portability. For example same code can be used to connect to MySQL or SQLite or PostgresSQL data bases with changes only to configuration parameters. 

Another tool that I am using is “Smarty templates” for report layout. With Smarty I can   write code separating presentation details from the processing logic. Additionally Smarty allows me to use conditional logic and looping within the template, thus allowing me to separate not only the template but also the logic, this ability to use some level of logic, instead  of just plugging in the variables, gives me more control over the display