2 Ways to Use Craigslist to Find a Cheap Place


So you've just signed up to live for a whole YEAR at poverty level AND you might have even been crazy enough to move to a new city to do this. You're (hopefully!) excited to start your work as a DASCorps member building the capacity of your organization.

Teen Digital Storymapping Workshop in Lower Roxbury


Ginny Gets ExcitedI just finished a digital storytelling and mapping workshop that included over 10 youth who stayed creative and excited to share their stories even i

Community Map-builder


I can across an application that allows for community built apps.  I'm considering its appropriateness for some of the mapping functionality for CUWiN. 

The museum might not have walls, but it's got some stories...


When people ask me (as they inevitably do when they find out I'm a full time volunteer) why I do VISTA, I often cite the ways it connects me to groups and people that I could have never imagined I could meet doing a regular job. In fact, my work this year doing digital storytelling facilitation and other related projects for MassIMPACT came out of meeting Natasha Friedus (of Creative Narrations) at UMass Boston and getting myself invited to her second Spreading the Stories train-the-trainer workshop last year. And so it was how I ended up at the MIT Museum this past week, working with able fellow facilitator Lisa Dush of Story Builders, UMass Amherst, and MIT in the fall. We were asked by Cesar McDowell of MIT's Center for Reflective Community Practice to help out with the new Museum Without Walls project.

Community Wireless Maps


One of my more recent projects has been re-working the network map for the local community wireless network. My efforts thus far can be found at Credit for the CSS and the text accompanying the map goes to Ross. This is just the first part. The next stage is to add an admin/management interface.

The map is powered by PHP and the Google Maps API (which uses javascript). The Google Maps API is incredibly easy to use and has lots of features.