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Knight Foundation update


Just wanted to let everyone know: our application was reviewed by the Knight Foundation, and now they want a full proposal as follow-up to our letter of inquiry!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYYYYY!!!!!

Portland Speaks: The genesis of the idea


website_home pageFrom July onward, I've spent much of my time at Portland Community Media working on a proposal for a project that would allow immigrants and Millennials to create media at low-cost anywhere and at anyti

Comment from Denise Cheng on November 3, 2008 - 6:50pm

I do want to say that I feel fairly disillusioned after the whole process. You know how they always warn that when the real world hits people lose their idealism? I'd put a twist on that and say I feel disillusioned because of how important credentials are to have creative oversight (the higher you climb, the more you can get) and how, even if you work to deserve a break, there's still that variable of unfairness as the real world standard. A vague comment, but there it is. As my friend put it, we have to make that choice between selfishness and selflessness, each with its own consequences.

Secret universe?


It is Friday afternoon, and I am about to conclude my first *official* week as a CTC*VISTA at Cambridge Community Television. To sum it up: I feel like I have been given the key to a secret door that leads to the land of 21st-century innovation.

Comment from Morgan Sully on July 13, 2007 - 11:44pm

Hey Julie,
that's awesome to hear and read. Starting a VISTA year is always exciting. I'm doing it a second time and really loving it. I was just asked to join a virtual community of media policy reformists all working towards democratizing media structures to the best of their ability using the power of networks. Very cool for my first week of work.

In going through their database, NAMAC realized that CCTV is NOT a member. Surely I would have though y'all were!

We're kind of an 'organization of organizations' and throughout the next year I'll be looking out for 'stories from the field' of independent media practitioners and indy media centers. I look very forward to hearing more about your work with CCTV.