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My Favorite Marketing Resources from a VISTA


If you've never done a marketing plan, I can definitely point you to some great resources that you should know about right away.

Social Media


What Social Media Is
“Social” Media differs from traditional media in that it is a two-way communication. No longer is there a divide between the “communicator” and the “consumer”- the two are one and the same thing. What this means is that for any social media efforts to be successful, they should be approached like a discussion instead of like a broadcast.

Almost a month late...


Hellooo DASCorps!

Work at NAMAC has been busy, albeit running smoothly. I had the opportunity to take a Web Design Intensive at BAVC, and am currently relaunching our site's new look (it'll be finished on Sunday.. The intent is to make it a bit more friendly for navigation and usage. I also attended a free Bay Area Drupal Camp in Berkeley...

Piece by piece


The Youth Channel is online! Or rather, evidence of the Youth Channel’s existence is online. But that’s pretty exciting. It's one of the small but encouraging pieces that seem to be coming together with the Youth Channel.

Crossposting from PCM blog: A crash course on citizen journalism


I wrote this for my PCM blog and thought it might be interesting food for thought as a field report. The context for traditional journalism when participatory journalism appeared was one of threat. Ultimately, journalists realized that regardless of how they might disparage it, this participatory movement was here to stay and expand.

Knight Foundation update


Just wanted to let everyone know: our application was reviewed by the Knight Foundation, and now they want a full proposal as follow-up to our letter of inquiry!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAAYAYYYYY!!!!!

Portland Speaks: The genesis of the idea


website_home pageFrom July onward, I've spent much of my time at Portland Community Media working on a proposal for a project that would allow immigrants and Millennials to create media at low-cost anywhere and at anyti

Comment from Denise Cheng on November 3, 2008 - 6:50pm

I do want to say that I feel fairly disillusioned after the whole process. You know how they always warn that when the real world hits people lose their idealism? I'd put a twist on that and say I feel disillusioned because of how important credentials are to have creative oversight (the higher you climb, the more you can get) and how, even if you work to deserve a break, there's still that variable of unfairness as the real world standard. A vague comment, but there it is. As my friend put it, we have to make that choice between selfishness and selflessness, each with its own consequences.