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Josefina Luna is one of the kindest, warmest, friendliest women I've ever met. We started talking one day when we were both waiting to be let into the office, before I was given my own key. She speaks fragmented English, but it's a thousand times better than my broken Spanish.

Field Report #10: Reconciling 'Capacity Building' with 'Fighting Poverty'



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December Newsletter


Holiday-ish greetings from the CTC VISTA Project. This is always a busy season for us nonprofits, but we hope that you can take a moment to read the following news and announcements. As always, we're here to help make your VISTA service and supervision the best possible.

=== Quick News ===

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is coming up SOON (more on this below)

SEE what the CTC VISTAs are up to:

CONTACT Ben or your VISTA Leader ( if with any issues or conerns about VISTA service.

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November Newsletter


November has brought with it a chill to the air, and considering we have 48 VISTAs currently serving in 15 different states, someone has got to have warmer weather than HQ here in Boston. Here's some info about what's new or useful from the CTC VISTA Project:

+++ Quick News & Announcements +++

READ a little about the CTC VISTA Project in an article on TechSoup