Intellectual Property and Community Media


This is an article written by Reebee Garofalo. He's a professor who teaches about music and social movements at UMass.

Copyright: Its Still About the Content, Stupid.
By Reebee Garofalo
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Reebee Garofalo is an internationally known scholar of popular music studies, professor at UMass/Boston, and founder of the Community Media and Technology Program at UMB's College of Public and Community Service, where he has taught since 1978.

For the last 30 or so years, I have been a popular music activist and educator. I have been asked to comment on the relevance of copyright law to community media. This fits with my own agenda for a couple of reasons: first, that music tends to get underrepresented in discussions of communication policy and media transformation (except when we want to censor it), and second, most of the copyright battles that will eventually plague all media have already happened in the music industry. We can learn a lot about the future by looking at the history of these struggles.

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