Participatory Media Tools


Examples of user-generated participatory media (after which you can pattern campaigns for your nonprofit):
MoveOn had a contest to devise an advertisement for their campaign which would then be used by MoveOn as promotional materials

Fan Art - connected Conan O'Brian with his audience in a way nothing else could.

3. Pearl Harbor Memorial Foundation -
Created an online oral/living history with Drupal. Survivors could scroll over parts of the boat and mark where they were on the ship. Created an 800 number for non-tech folks to call and record their oral histories which would then be uploaded as podcasts and associated with that particular location on the ship. A user-generated oral history.

Getting policy ideas into the mainstream. Users post their ideas and the Top 21 are deemed "a slice above the rest"... Users can also go through various posted policy ideas and mark the ones they would like to see become a reality. CITIZEN-GENERATED IDEAS. Allows lots of feedback from your constituents.

5. NPR: This I Believe

See Attachment for more participatory media tools and information.

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