Podcasting: Nonprofit Applications and Practical How-To's (from NTEN Conference, 2007)


Podcasting: Nonprofit Applications and Practical How-To's
Production and Content Tips - very useful! Check out the attached presentation!

Giving Voice: Nonprofits on the Radio

These notes were taken on a presentation at the NTEN ’07 Conference by:
* Jake Shapiro – Executive Director of Public Radio Exchange
* Jenny Toomey – Executive Director of Future of Music Coalition
* Chris Guerre – Director of Media Relations at Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts
* Vince Stehle – Surdna Foundation

There was an FCC announcement that FREE (non-commercial) RADIO LICENCES (for the first time in 15 years) are being given to nonprofits for locally-programmed radio. This is necessary to promote localism and local artists. Anyone who is a nonprofit and is in an area where spectrum space is available is invited to apply. You can get more information at: www.getradio.org and http://www.prometheusradio.org/ and see attachment from the Future of Music Coalition for a good breakdown.

Irrational Public Radio
New option for NPR-esque listening

Public Radio Exchange
Digital audio archive and online marketplace – anyone can upload sound pieces – GET YOUR PODCASTS/AUDIO STORIES OUT THERE!!!
- Generation PRX and “YouthCast” – a program of PRX for youth programming
- www.publicradioquest.com – Public Radio Talent Quest (a la “American Idol” but for public radio)– starting to take submissions APRIL 16, 2007

Future of Music Coalition
The Future of Music Coalition is a not-for-profit collaboration between members of the music, technology, public policy and intellectual property law communities. The FMC seeks to educate the media, policymakers, and the public about music / technology issues, while also bringing together diverse voices in an effort to come up with creative solutions to some of the challenges in this space. The FMC also aims to identify and promote innovative business models that will help musicians and citizens to benefit from new technologies.

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