Technology Assistance to Nonprofits

Technology Assistance to Non-profits: projects which develop tools or provide services which help small non-profits use technology to build their capacity.

CTC VISTAs working in area will consider challenges such as:

  1. Technology assistance models/approaches
  2. Range of services provided by TA to NPs
  3. Difference between TA for organizations vs. for individuals
  4. Decision making process for CTCs to consider providing TA to nonprofit organizations
  5. Steps to successfully provide technology assistance to a community technology center, including assessing need, understanding impact on community, and management challenges that affect tech integration
  6. Ability to assess an organization's stage of technology capacity: infrastructure, integration, or innovation.
  7. Technology benchmarks for organizational technological literacy.
  8. How do you use the IT Service Capability Maturity Model to assess an TA Provider's place on the spectrum from ad-hoc services to continuous improvement?
  9. Approaching technology assistance in a holistic/transformative way (as a coach) rather than just in a symptomatic/transactional way (like a doctor), by tackling technology programs by addressing the health of the whole organization, with a holistic focus on solving a problem but creating/building/supporting excellence overall.