Remixable Video Collaboration (working title)

Throughout the summer and fall of 2007, the CTC VISTA Project is looking to begin a new video documentation initiative focused on getting not only the stories of VISTAs on tape, but also how they do their jobs, what skills and tools they've found, how they make it through the year on the VISTA stipend and more.

This project seeks to develop:
- More effective VISTA recruitment tools
- Higher quality VISTA training
- Media integration with the web site
- Host organization orientation
- A more comprehensive and gut-level view of what the CTC VISTA Project accomplishes
- A general marketing piece for the project

The CTC VISTA Project wants to get as many voices as willing to contribute to this, hopefully, annual process of directly documenting the work of CTC VISTAs. Additionally the Project is looking for a few VISTAs willing to possibly take point on taping VISTAs at their host locations (Digital Media VISTAs TAKE NOTICE!).

VISTA Leaders and Project HQ staff will be organizing this project. If any VISTAs are interested in participating contact VISTA Leader Kevin (

If VISTAs are as interested and excited about the scope and reach of the Project, what VISTAs are doing and how they're doing it, then participate! (be sure to check out the downloadable documents at the bottom of this page for a more in-depth layout.)

General Outline
Here are a few sketches of what we hope to achieve:

Possible Partners
This is a list of possible partners for this project as well as a list of VISTAs interested in developing the project. We will eventually take off the 'Possible' when we have gotten confirmation of interest and participation.

  • Morgan Sully, VISTA Leader

Check out the documents attached below for a more in-depth layout.

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