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AAAAAt Laaaaaast


Nine months since I took the digital storytelling class at PCM, I have finally finished my digital story!
One of the on-call media ed instructors, Peta Mni came up with the last component of my piece: the title. Yes, it was that hard to come up with one.

Comment from Edward Gonzales on June 26, 2009 - 7:08pm

That was really cool!

A bit of crossposting on digital storytelling


Thought I'd share a more appropriate post that I wrote for the PCM blog a couple of days ago. This is probably what I should be submitting for my field reports...


Digital storytelling: The wonders never cease

10 Oct. 2008

Teen Digital Storymapping Workshop in Lower Roxbury


Ginny Gets ExcitedI just finished a digital storytelling and mapping workshop that included over 10 youth who stayed creative and excited to share their stories even i

Just finished one summer class


whoooo hoo. Just got done teaching my digital storytelling class. At Media Bridges, we have a series of youth classes lasting a week or two. Mine lasted one week, 3 hours a day. And the ages were 9 - 15. You would think that the 15 year old would have been bothered by the younger ones, but they all got along really well.

Comment from danielle martin on July 11, 2007 - 5:49pm

You ROCK! Sounds awesome and thanks for all the juicy details in your post. You could publish the stories on and Jess & I would be psyched! And if you add it as an Event, you can see all the stories together...see the workshop I just did in Roxbury with youth

I'm of the tack that any story kid take this gumption to finish is GREAT!

For Ad Attack, see if you can get your hands on MNN's media literacy's awesome. I have a paper one I could send you if you can't get it online.


Screenings, Workshops, Tutorials, oh my!


Hello hello fellow VISTAs!
Time for a quick summer update. Mmmmm's a good thing!

My Digital Story


Hi everyone,

We've started our digital storytelling workshops last week using Open Source software. The first group was from a boys juvenile detention camp. They were cool. They really got into their projects and enjoyed themselves in the process. This week we have a mixed group of kids ranging from 8 to 12 years old. I will post up some examples soon.

Comment from Jessica McCoy on June 18, 2007 - 5:53pm

Hey Naomi!
Great, so glad that you were able to rework your story, and that it's posted on the OTX site. Did Domingo post his, too?

And it's awesome that your program was in the news! How did they find out about OTX? Did you send out a press release? I'm curious, because I would love to better publicize some of our programs, and I'm sure other VISTAs would, too.

Comment from Naomi Jimenez on June 20, 2007 - 9:22pm

Hey Jessica,

Doming does have his story on the site. Here is the link if you want to check it out.

We were able to get on the news because Domingo's wife works for the news station. I guess it helps to have connections in the industry.



Comment from Mike Matthews on June 26, 2007 - 5:15pm

Hey there! So glad to hear that ur workshops are going so well. I'll check out ur story as soon as I get to a computer that actually wants to work right.-lol

Danielle on TV! on CCTV's Critical Focus


Critical Focus logoCheck out my appearance on a panel about changing the media on Cambridge's cable access station, CCTV Critical Focus is Launched!


Wondering what fellow VISTA Jessica McCoy and I have been collaborating on since September? Check out the launch of a new online project,, sponsored by both of our host organizations!

My first class at OTX-West


I taught my first class last week and it went great! I usually just teach the Internet section of the class but this time I taught the whole thing. Our classes at OTX-West are 3 hours long and we teach basic computer training, Internet, and the OpenOffice programs Writer (similar to Word) and Impress (similar to PowerPoint). It was fun and the students and parents enjoyed it as well. I received great evaluations from them on my performance so that's cool.

Comment from danielle martin on May 10, 2007 - 4:14pm

Hey Naomi,

Are you guys going to do any digital storytelling at OTX West? Did you finish your story yet? Are you going to post it anywhere when it's done?

I tried to give you a call today but the office phone just rang and rang! Give me a call or drop me an email so we can chat!


Ending April with Showers in Chicago


I'm just recovering from April 2007, which will forever be known in my mind as "the month of excessive conferences." It started with WAM!, then NTEN in DC.

BGCB Cyber Summit 07 Logo But then a couple weeks ago I stole Ben from Project HQ and we headed over to the newly renovated Yawkey Boys & Girls Club in Roxbury for the 7th annual Boys & Girls Club of Boston Cyber Summit. We did some digital storytelling and Google Mapping with 5 youth from Roxbury and Dorchester. The youth did great, taking lots of great photos outside the Club around Dudley but we struggled a bit with technical aspects of embedding videos in the new Google My Maps functionality.